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Hagyard Pharmacy has become a nationwide leader in providing the highest quality equine supplements, pharmaceuticals, and health products. Hagyard Pharmacy is also one of an elite group of veterinary pharmacies that have earned the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board’s Seal of Accreditation.

Equine Supplements from Hagyard Pharmacy

We know as well as you that your horse is a very specialized animal. This isn't just a pet dog that you can run to the local pet store and grab heart worm pills for. You need someone who's an expert in equine health and can provide extremely specific medications & equine supplements to get your horse back into peak condition. That's where we, Hagyard Pharmacy, can help.

Hagyard Pharmacy is a company specifically dedicated to the well-being of the horse. As such, we stock and sell a complete inventory of prescription equine medications, even rare ones that are hard to find anywhere else. Breeding and foaling medications, antibiotics, anti-ulcer solutions, dermatologicals, EPM medications, and more … Hagyard has it all.

We also carry a complete lineup of over-the-counter and non-prescription medications for equines. These include skin and wound care kits, leg protection solutions, bandages, dewormers, vitamins & electrolytes, milk replacers, surgical supplies, and hoof care instruments. Everything you could possibly need for your equine is here.

Pay us a visit, give us a call, or simply order online. You'll find there's no better solution for keeping your equine in tip-top shape!

Equine Compounding Services

One of the many ways Hagyard Pharmacy stands unmatched by the rest of the industry is through our PCAB accredited equine prescription compounding service. Horse medications can be very hard to find as it is, but what if you need a specific drug that's not commercially available? Perhaps the dosage form or strength is incorrect, or perhaps the horse thinks it tastes bad and refuses to accept it. What do you do?

You call Hagyard Pharmacy. Because we have licensed pharmacists in-house, we'll assist you and your veterinarian in finding the most convenient and appropriate compounds for your equine. Then we'll craft a prescription medication specifically customized for your horse. You can't get service this specialized anywhere else.

Hagyard Pharmacy only compounds with FDA-approved grades of raw materials, obtained only from FDA-inspected supplier sources, so you can be completely confident. Compounds are only dispensed upon a prescription order from an attending veterinarian. Hagyard pharmacists are available to assist a veterinarian with ordering or prescribing by phone, fax, or email. A list of the most commonly requested compounds is available to veterinarians upon request. Hagyard Pharmacy compounds are not for use in food producing animals.

For more information about Hagyard Pharmacy's compounding services and Equine Supplements, please contact us.

Equine Supplements | Hagyard Pharmacy