Hagyard Pharmacy

Commonly Requested Compounded Preparations  

The following is a list of veterinary compounded preparations that are frequently requested from our pharmacy.
Medications compounded by Hagyard Pharmacy are prepared at the direction of a licensed veterinarian.

Acetylcysteine 10% for Uterine Infusion  Ivermectin 1% Oral Suspension 
Amikacin SO4 60mg Powder Lead Lotion (White Lotion) 
Amikacin/DMSO Topical Solution in Saline 200ml Lime Sulfur Topical Solution 
Ammonium CL Powder 500gm Meclofenamate Oral Powder Packets
Trichlormethiazide/Dexamethasone Oral Suspension  Medroxyprogesterone Injection 200mg/ml  
Trichlormethiazide/Dexamethasone Powder Packets Metformin 225mg/ml Oral Suspension 
Aspirin Oral Suspension 300mg/ml 100ml Methocarbamol Injection 100 mg/ml
Azathioprine Powder Packets 1 GM Metoclopramide 5mg/ml  Injection 
Azithromycin 150mg/ml Oral Suspension Miconazole 5% / Betamethasone 5% Spray 
Belly Jelly 500ml Miconazole 1% Ophthalmic Solution 
Benzyl Alcohol Lotion 5% 1000GM Miconazole 2% Ophthalmic Solution
Bethanecol Injection 5 mg/ml   Miconazole Ophthalmic  Ointment 2%
Bethanecol Oral Syrup  Miconazole 200mg Pwd for Uterine Infusion
Neomycin/Methscopolamine Oral Solution  Misoprostol Cervical Cream 6 gram
N-Butylscopolammonium Bromide in Lipo Cream Monge Leg Paint (Blister)
Buserelin Injection 25mcg/ml   Navel Iodine  
Canker Paste  Neo/Poly/Gent Ophth Ointment 4GM
Carron Oil    Chlorhexidine/Salicylic Acid Cream  
Chloramphenicol Opthalmic Ointment 1% - 4 gram Nystatin Powder 1MU (for Uterine flush)
Chlorhexidine 1% Ointment - 454 gram Nystatin Powder 2.5 MU (for Uterine flush)
Chloramphenicol Oral Gel 500mg/ml  Oxytetracycline/Polymixin B Ophthalmic Ointment 4gm 
Chloramphenicol Oral Syringe 500mg/ml 60ML Penicilling G Potassium 88mg Powder
Chloramphenicol Uterine Flush 1gram/saline Penicillin/Gel Guttural Dose Syringe
Chlorhexidine Navel Dip   Penicillin/Gentocin Uterine Infusion
Cimetidine Oral  Powder Packets Pentoxifylline Oral Gel  
Cisapride Oral Suspension in Lactulose Polymixin B Clitoral Packing 
Clarithromycin Suspension 75mg/ml  Post Firing Paint 
Clotrimazole Powder for Uterine Infusion Potassium Iodide Solution 
Cyclosporin 0.2% Ophthalmic Emulsion 15ml Potassium Bromide Solution
Cyclosporin 0.2% Ophthalmic Ointment 4gm Praziquantel Oral Powder 
Cyclosporin 1% Ophth Ointment 4gram Praziquantel Oral Liquid 100mg/ml 
Cyclosporin 2% Ophthalmic Oint 4gram Prednisolone Ophthalmic Ointment  4 gram
Cyproheptadine Oral Suspension  Prednisolone Oral Susp 50mg/ml 
Dew Poisoning Ointment  Progesterone & Estradial LA Injection
Dexamethasone 10mg Oral Powder Packets   Progesterone 50mg & Estradiol 2.5mg per ml Injection
Dexamethasone 0.1% Ophth Ointment  4gram Progesterone  50mg & Estradiol 5mg per 2ml Injection
Dichloroacetic Acid 70% INJ 100ml Progesterone 50mg & Estradiol 5mg per ml Injection
Diclofenac 0.1% Ophth Oint  4gram Progesterone & Estradiol In Oil Injection  (Daily)
Dinoprostone 0.5mg/3gm Gel Progesterone 100mg/ml In Oil Injection  
Dipyrone Injection 500mg/ml  Progesterone 150mg/ml LA Injection 
DMSO/Glycerine/Dexametasome Sweat  Propantheline 30mg/ml  Injection
DMSO/Nitrofurazone Topical Gel  Proud Flesh Ointment
DMSO/Nitrofurazone Topical Solution Rain Rot Shampoo 
DMSO/Isoflupredone Topical Gel  Ranitidine/Dextrose Oral Top Dress Powder 
DMSO/Isoflupredone/Furasol Topical Solution Reserpine 2.5mg/ml Injection  
DMSO Gel / Dexamethasone Topical Solution Reserpine Oral Syringe 5mg/20ml
Doxycycline Oral Suspension Reserpine Oral Syringe 10mg/20ml
EDTA 3% Ophthalmic Ointment 4GM Rifampin Oral Gel 100mg/ml  
EDTA 0.2% Ophthalmic Ointment 4GM Semen Extender TAMU w/(Heparin) 
Enrofloxacin Oral Suspension 200mg/ml  Semen Extender with Ticillin (Powder)
Entromycin Oral Powder  50gram Semen Extender TAMU-AP (Amikacin & PCN) Powder
EPM Oral Gel (Sulfadiazine/Pyrimethamine) Semen Extender TAMU-AP (Amikacin & PCN) Solution
Estradiol 17 Beta 3.33mg/ml Injection Sodium Iodide 20% Injection 
Estradiol 17 Beta 1mg/ml Special Heel Ointment 
Estradiol 17 Beta LA Injection Special Red Ointment 
Estradiol Benzoate Injection 0.25mg/ml  Special Wound Ointment 
Estradiol Benzoate Injection 10mg/ml   Sperm Aide Oral Supplement 
Estradiol Benzoate Injection 1mg/ml   Sulfa-Prim Oral Gel  (Sulfadiazine/Trimethoprim)
Estradiol Cypionate 10mg/ml  Sulfa-Prim Uterine Infusion 
Estradiol Cypionate 5mg/ml Sulpiride 50mg/ml Injection  
Estradiol Cypionate 25mg/ml  Sulpiride Oral Suspension 50mg/ml 
Estradiol Cypionate 2mg/ml  Sweet Furasone Ointment
Estrone Injection 5mg/ml  Texas Wirecut Solution
Fluoxetine Flavored Solution 20mg/5ml  Throat Spray 
Fly Repellant Wound Oil  Ticarcillin/Clavulanate 200mg Packet (for semen extender)
Furasol Solution Tricide in Saline Uterine Flush 
Penicillin G/Furasol Uterine Flush  Tripelennamine 25mg/ml Injection
Gentamicin/Sodium Bicarb Inhalation Tris-EDTA Uterine Solution 
GNRH Injection  Tris-EDTA Packets
Griseofulvin Oral Powder  Tryptophan 50mg/ml Injection
Guaifenesin Solution  5% 500ml Udder Anodyne Topical 
HDM Clens w/Aloe Cream (Compare to Dermaclens) Valacyclovir Oral Suspension
HDM Phenyl-Zone Sweat 400gm (Compare to Butacort) Valacyclovir Oral Powder Packet
HDM Ultra Draw Sweat 2 oz Vitamin B Complex Injection
Heparin Flush   Voriconazole 1% Ophthalmic Ointment 4 GM
Hoof Paint  (Phenol, formaldehyde, iodine) Wart Compound Topical solution
Isoxsuprine/Dextrose Oral Top Dress Powder  Wintergreen Sweat (Bluegrass Sweat) 
Itraconazole Ophth Ointment 4 gram  
Itraconazole 2%/DMSO 30% Ophth Ointment 4 gram  
Itraconazole Oral Powder packets (Various Strengths)  
Itraconazole Oral Suspension 100mg/ml