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Reflex 200 Equine Joint Supplement

The Power of Reflex 200
Developed by Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, Reflex 200 contains Hyaluronic Acid 200 mg, Chondroitin Sulfate (Poultry) 2000mg, Methylsulfoanylmethane (MSM) 2000 mg, and Glucosamine (Shellfish) 2000 mg. Reflex 200 is available in liquid and pellet form. This easy to use, cost effective, low risk hyaluronic acid product promotes equine joint health and increases profits in several ways:

•Convenience - Can be administered by owners and trainers at home or on the road.
•Lower cost - Less expensive than injections.
•Early intervention - Even horses without apparent joint damage or pain may benefit and sometimes avoid problems. 
•Improved performance - Healthy joint tissues mean less pain and improved flexibility.
•Safe - Proven over time.

All Horses May Benefit
Experience has shown that hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin are very useful in maintaining healthy joint cartilage and tissues. When used as directed, Reflex 200 is safe and beneficial for your horse. The key ingredients in Reflex 200 have been clinically proven to improve joint mobility in horses in a double blind study at Michigan State University. The ease of oral administration of this palatable liquid or pellet form, means any horse can benefit from a carefully-planned health regimen that includes Reflex 200. By maintaining appropriate synovial joint fluid viscosity, even some horses under intensive exercise programs may never experience the damage and pain caused by lack of fluid and the resulting joint strain. Thus, these talented athletes are able to stay on the track, in the hunt and eventing fields, on the ranch, and in the show ring performing at the peak of their abilities over extended periods of time.  All joints benefit from the oral treatment available with Reflex 200, as it helps to maintain synovial fluid levels throughout the horse's body.

Now horse owners and trainers alike may have complete confidence in the quality and effectiveness of an oral application of this popular joint therapy


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Re-Flex 200 Liquid Gallon
RE-Flex 200 Pellet 10lb

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