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Why Reflex HA?  
Hyaluronan, also known as hyaluronic acid or HA is a natural biomacromolecule found throughout the body in all mammals. It has many functions and purposes including but not limited to cell signaling, skin healing, retaining moisture, lubricating connective tissue, absorbing shock in joints, filtering synovial fluid, and supplying nutrients to cartilage. Located in high concentration in synovial fluid and cartilage, HA's main purpose is lubrication and shock absorption in order for joints to function comfortably. HA also has properties that contribute to reducing pain, easing inflammation, and are chondroprotective. Although naturally occurring, HA quantities and production decrease with time and deficiency may become problematic in older or actively competing horses.

Reflex HA is a nutritional supplement containing MHB3TM bioactive hyaluronin to provide horse owners and trainers an easy and effective way to administer this valuable biological compound. Reflex HA can be a quality option for treatment of problem joints or maintenance of healthy ones. This formulation of HA is optimized for oral administration with most absorption occurring in the mouth and esophageal mucosal tissues before reaching the stomach.

MHB3TM Hyaluronan is made from the highest quality ingredients and contains no animal by-products. It contains the highest concentration (240mg/oz) of Hyaluronan available.

Joints Under Pressure 
A flexible, pain-free athlete is a winning athlete. Appropriate levels of synovial fluids in the joints allow equine athletes to attain the smooth, energetic action demanded of hard-working performance horses. Over time, however, wear and tear on the joints, especially in the legs, causes a breakdown in the synovial fluid viscosity that lubricates and helps to cushion pressure on bones, cartilage and ligaments. Normally, the body produces enough hyaluronic acid to replace and sustain synovial fluid as needed. However, with age and the ongoing strain of demanding athletic endeavors, fluid levels often decrease. Bones begin to rub together, and cartilage and ligaments may be damaged.

Maintaining Healthy Joints
In the past, horse owners and trainers had few choices but to wait until their horses exhibited signs of pain and discomfort before seeking veterinary attention. Upon proper diagnosis, the most common treatment included injections of hyaluronic acid administered by the veterinarian directly into the affected joint or joints. Although highly effective, such injections are expensive, can be inconvenient and carry some risk. Furthermore, injection treatments often are given only after the joint has suffered enough damage that pain becomes apparent. Now, owners and trainers can get a jump start on prolonging joint health by administering hyaluronic acid orally to their horses using Hagyard Reflex products.


Reflex HA


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