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Relyte HA Electrolyte Paste

RelyteHA is a balanced formula designed to replenish electrolytes and calcium lost in sweat by the equine athlete. The HA acts as a buffer against occasional stomach irritation.

Guaranteed analysis per 30cc serving: 24g sodium chloride, 2,400mg potassium, 240mg MHB3 Hyaluronan, 450mg calcium. 300 mg magnesium.

* Apple flavored.
* Electrolyte replenishment should occur proportionate to sweat. RelyteHA is a balanced formula that mimics sweat.
* Repeated electrolyte use can result in gastric ulceration, HA was added to Relyte. Research has shown that Hyaluronan eases gastric side-effects and supports healthy gastrointestinal mucosal tissues.  
* Furosemide use has been shown to lead to excessive electrolyte loss, especially calcium. Research shows that calcium remains de-regulated for several days following furosemide use. RelyteHA is ideal for replenishing calcium lost after furosemide administration.
* Each 30 cc dose is equivalent to 1/2 liter of sweat 

What are electrolytes and why are they important for my horse?

Size: 60 cc (2 doses per tube)


Quantity:  EACH  
Unit Price:  $13.25 
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