Hagyard Pharmacy



Resolvet by Hagyard is a line of equine health care products inspired by veterinarians, owners and riders that supports gastric, joint, hydration and hoof health. 



Relyne GI   Relyne GI - Relyne GI aids in gastric support and discomfort associated with training, travel and performance. Containing a polysaccharide blend of 240mg of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and schizophyllan, RelyneGI is an all-natural alternative to standard offerings and is safe for long-term use
Reflex HA   Reflex HA - Reflex HA is an all-natural, orally administered, high molecular weight hyaluronan supplement that aids in promoting and maintaining joint health. Made from the highest quality of ingredients, utilizing no animal by-products, it contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronan available at 240mg/oz. Reflex HA is a chondroprotective that can reduce joint pain and ease inflammation. 
Reflex 200   Reflex 200 - Reflex 200 contains Hyaluronic Acid 200 mg, Chondroitin Sulfate (Poultry) 2000mg, Methylsulfoanylmethane (MSM) 2000 mg, and Glucosamine (Shellfish) 2000 mg. Reflex 200 is available in liquid and pellet form. This easy to use, cost effective, low risk hyaluronic acid product promotes equine joint health.
Relyte HA   Relyte HA - Relyte HA is a unique electrolyte formula with added calcium, buffered with hyaluronic acid to promote equine gastrointestinal health. High-performance horses need electrolytes, not another stress on their digestive system
Relieve   Relieve - This formulation of ultra purified bentonite clay is based on human technology. Our proprietary blend is non toxic to patients and has been demonstrated in the laboratory to adsorb viruses (ex. Rota Virus) and bacterial toxins (ex. Clostridium Dificile and AB Toxin). Not all bentonite clay is the same. They all have different properties. The clay that we use is the purest on the market and is considered medical grade.
Repair   Repair - This legacy hoof oil promotes the correct balance in the hoof: protecting against cracks in hot and dry months, and stopping moisture from penetrating in the wet months. Even soft hoofs strengthen with regular application of resolvet repair.