Hagyard Pharmacy

Hometown: Georgetown, KY
Featured horse: True Blue
Tack room item you cannot live without:
Gloves, scissors and a snaffle bit
Favorite schooling exercise to use with your horses:
Trotting poles & Cavaletti

Kathleen Sullivan may be officially listed as an amateur rider with the United States Eventing Association, however, dedication to her horses and her love for equestrian competition is nothing short of professional caliber. A California native, you could say the love of horses and Kentucky Bluegrass were always part of Kathleen’s life dating back to her great-grandfather who founded Glenarvon Farms, a Standardbred breeding farm in Kentucky during the 1800’s. Migrating back to Kentucky several years ago with her husband, Dr. Andrew Clark, Kathleen manages a highly stressful position as a financial advisor  with Morgan Stanley Smith  Barney on top of the day to day activities included with maintaining her own eventing facility and three horses True Blue, Tetzcoco and Patrick.

Kathleen’s riding accomplishments include competing in the Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event, the Tevis Cup 100 Mile Endurance Ride and the 2010 American Eventing Championships. Even with those riding credentials on her resume, Kathleen finds preparing and caring for her horses more rewarding than the ribbons of competition. Her relief to a stressful, intense job is the feeling you get galloping across country. Look for Kathleen and True Blue competing in Preliminary events across the east coast in 2012.