Hagyard Pharmacy

Tack room item you cannot live without:

I have to have my grooming kit which contains not only grooming tools but a large variety of "survival" items. Along with my rubber curry, brushes, hair combs, and hoof pick, it contains: skin and hair care products, eye ointment, rubber bands, duct tape, scissors, hoof products, and some wound care items!

Favorite schooling exercise to use with your horses:

I could not live without circles! Spiraling in and out of different size circles really develops consistent bend and helps the rider balance the aids. I often include transitions between and within gaits while on a circle. Circles may be joined to other exercises (like lateral work), improving engagement, and steadiness in the connection. Changing directions on circle lines is great for suppling and balancing the horse. Much can be accomplished with creative use of circles!

Best horse/riding advice you’ve ever been given:

All your training problems show up in the walk. Spend time in the walk to work out problems that occur in the other gaits. It is often easier for the horse to understand the training without the extra speed and energy when working in the trot and canter.

Favorite horse show:

KDA Dressage at the Kentucky Horse Park

As a child, Linda only had one thing on her mind:  she loved horses and had to have them in her life constantly! Growing up in the "Horse Capital of the World," Linda had plenty of opportunities to be with horses from a very early age. Moving to different areas of  the country in her high school years also allowed her to have exposure to various breeds and sports, as well as experiencing different management of horses. Linda has ridden horses in many disciplines including eventing, endurance riding, western events, fox hunting, and dressage. She also spent over a decade breeding Sporthorses. Many of the horses she bred were started in their training by Linda, and some competed successfully with her through FEI levels of dressage.

For the past twenty years, Linda has specialized in dressage.  She competes frequently in the midwest, and in Florida and Louisiana in the winter months. She and her horses often finish the USDF competition year among the top horses in the country.  She is very competitive on horses of many different breeds and at all levels.

Currently, Linda trains several Friesians that have proven to be very competitive against top warmbloods in the sport, even at the international level. The Friesians offer a special training challenge that takes extra creativity, along with a constant focus on correct fundamentals. Linda frequently performs in musical freestyles and feels it is a special opportunity to try to combine technical mastery with artistic interpretation of music. Look for Linda on Friesians she currently competes:  INKE FCF at FEI levels, BEEREND W, and XENIA VAN WILLOW VIEW at Third level, and Training levels, respectively.

Linda's goal is to do the very best with every horse and rider she works with. Dressage is a sport that can be enjoyed by any level rider, with horses of many different breeds. Linda feels it is important to train horses and riders in the correct basics. With that foundation, the horse and rider progress in a correct and systematic manner that is positive and very satisfying.