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Since 1876, veterinarians at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute have been on the forefront of veterinary medical technology and advancements in veterinary medicine. Our veterinarians come from multiple countries and from all over the US.  With over 60 veterinarians, our combined years and variety of experiences contribute to the value we bring our customers through Hagyard Pharmacy.

In the Resource Center, you will be able to find information to assist in preventative medicine, case studies about the products we carry, as well as information on our drug formulary and how veterinary practitioners may order one.  Please consult a veterinarian for the appropriate drugs and preventative medicines that best suit your circumstances.

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute and Hagyard Pharmacy offer consultations for infectious disease control protocol.  If you would like to inquire about establishing IDC protocols for your farm, please email IDCProtocol@Hagyard.com.