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Since 1876, Hagyard veterinarians have dedicated themselves to the health and well-being of the horse. Since the firm's inception, these veterinarian members of Hagyard-Davidson-McGee (now more than 50 strong) have been instrumental in the development and refinement of countless equine veterinary procedures, medications and healthcare products.

Hagyard Pharmacy (HDM Pharmacy, LLC) plays a vital and unique role in the continuum of superior care. Over time, Hagyard Pharmacy has proven to be a leader in providing the equine industry with the highest quality pharmaceuticals, health products, surgical supplies and prescription compounding services.

Hagyard Pharmacy proudly offers exclusive products aimed at meeting the needs of our customers that cannot be addressed by other available drugs and supplements including the Flex-tra line of dietary supplements for joint health. 

Flex-tra Product Line 
Flex-tra 200
Flex-tra HA