A History of Quality

Hagyard Pharmacy was Built by Equine Veterinarians for Equine Veterinarians

Hagyard-Davidson-McGee Associates, PLLC, was founded in Central Kentucky in 1876 by Edward T. Hagyard, DVM. Originally, Hagyard Pharmacy was created to serve the medication needs of the veterinarians of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute.  Since the firm's inception, Hagyard veterinarians have been instrumental in the development and refinement of countless equine veterinary procedures, applications, medications and healthcare products. Over time, we expanded our services to accommodate discerning veterinarians and horse owners nationwide.

In the 1940s Hagyard veterinarians were influential in developing parasite prevention programs and were among the first veterinarians to access and use antibiotics in the equine industry.  Hagyard veterinarians have been on the forefront to learn and find appropriate veterinary uses of new drugs as they come on the market.  Today, Hagyard veterinarians make use of many medications that were not available to their predecessors.  Hagyard Pharmacy has strengthened the expansion of pharmaceuticals in the equine world.

Today, more than 60 equine veterinarians contribute a variety of specialties and interests to the continued success of Hagyard and, most importantly, to the health and well-being of the horse.