Commonly Requested Compounds

The following is a list of frequently requested veterinary compounded preparations available at Hagyard Pharmacy. All compounded medications are only prepared at the direction of a licensed veterinarian.

Please note, this list does not contain all the compounded medications we offer. If you have an inquiry, please contact us at or call (859) 281-9511.

Acetylcysteine 20% for Uterine Infusion
Amikacin/DMSO Topical Solution in Saline 200ml
Trichlormethiazide/Dexamethasone Oral Suspension
Trichlormethiazide/Dexamethasone Powder Packets
Aspirin Oral Suspension 380mg/ml 100ml
Azathioprine Powder Packets 1 GM
Azithromycin 150mg/ml Oral Suspension
Bethanechol Oral Syrup
N-Butylscopolammonium Bromide in Lipo Cream
Buserelin for Injection 25mcg/ml
Canker Paste
Carron Oil
Chloramphenicol Oral Gel 500mg/ml
Chlorhexidine Navel Dip
Cimetidine Oral Powder Scoops
Clarithromycin Suspension 75mg/ml
Clotrimazole Powder for Uterine Infusion
Ivermectin 1% Oral Suspension
Lead Lotion (White Lotion)
Lime Sulfur Topical Solution
Metformin 225mg/ml Oral Suspension
Misoprostal Cervical Cream 6 grams
Iodine, DMSO, and Camphor Leg Paint
Navel Iodine
Chlorhexidine/Salicylic Acid Cream
Nystatin Powder 1 MU
Nystatin Powder 2.5 MU
Penicillin G Potassium 88mg Powder
Penicillin Gel Guttural Dose Syringe
Penicllin/Gentamicin Uterine Infusion
Pentoxifylline Oral Gel
Polymixin B Clitoral Packing Ointment
Post Firing Paint
Potassium Bromide Solution
Praziquantel Oral Powder
Praziquantel Oral Liquid 100mg/ml
Cyproheptadine Oral Suspension
Dew Poisoning Ointment
Dexamethasone 10mg Oral Powder Packets
Diclofenac 0.1% Ophthalmic Ointment 4gm
Dinoprostone 0.5mg/3gm Gel
DMSO/Glycerine/Dexamethasone Sweat
DMSO/Nitrofurazone Topical Gel
DMSO/Isoflupredone Topical Gel
DMSO/Isoflupredone/Furasol Topical Solution
DMSO Gel/Dexamethasone Topical Solution
Doxycycline Oral Suspension
Enrofloxacin Oral Suspension 200mg/ml
Enrofloxacin Oral Powder Packets
Estradiol 17-beta 3.33mg/ml for Injection
Estradiol Benzoate 10mg/ml for Injection
Estradiol Cypionate 2mg/ml
Fluoxetine Oral Solution (multiple concentrations available)
Fly Repellant Wound Oil
Fluticasone for Nebulization 0.2mg/ml
Furasol Solution
Gentamicin/Sodium Bicarbonate Nebulizer Solution
GNRH for Injection
Griseofulvin Oral Powder
Phenyl-Zone Sweat 400gm (compare to Butacort)
Ultra Draw Sweat 2oz spray
Hoof Paint with phenol/formaldehyde/iodine
Isoxsuprine/Dextrose Oral Top Dress Powder
Itraconazole Oral Powder Packets (multiple strengths available)
Itraconazole Oral Suspension 100mg/ml
Prednisolone Oral Suspension 50mg/ml
Progesterone and Estradiol Long-Acting for Injection
Progesterone and Estradiol in oil 50mg/3.33mg/ml (Daily Formula) for Injection
Progesterone in Oil for Injection 100mg/ml
Progesterone Long-Acting for Injection 150m/ml
Proud Flesh Ointment
Rain Rot Shampoo
Reserpine Oral Syringe 5mg/20ml
Rifampin Oral Gel 100mg/ml
Semen Extender with Ticarcillin
Semen Extender TAMU-AP (Amikacin & PCN) Powder
Semen Extender TAMU-AP (Amikacin & PCN) Solution
Special Heel Ointment
Special Red Ointment
Special Wound Ointment
Sulfadiazine/Trimethoprim Oral Gel
Sulpiride 50mg/ml for Injection
Sulpiride Oral Suspension 50mg/ml
Texas Wirecut Solution
Throat Spray
Ticarcillin/Clavulanate 200mg Semen Extender Packet
Tricide in Saline
Tris-EDTA Solution in Saline
Tris-EDTA Packets
Udder Anodyne Topical Solution
Valacyclovir Oral Suspension
Valacyclovir Oral Powder Packet
Wart Compound Topical Solution
Wintergreen Sweat